If you’re feeling lost in the digital age, you need not fear for long… The ICT Evangelist Mark Anderson is a one stop shop for all of your digital disfunctions. His knowledge added to his warm, generous personality make for excellent ingredients to any school’s CPD.Lisa Jane Ashes, AST Teaching and Learning Leader, Joseph Swann Academy
Mark is one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever met and he truly is an ICT EvangelistJoe Dale, International MFL and iPad expert
Mark Anderson is one of those rare breed of technology-activated educationalists. Whilst his fluency in the domain of digital augmentation of education is unquestioned, he never loses sight of the ‘main thing’: the students and their learning.

As a result of his indefatigable energy and unquestioned determination he has had an impact on the educational firmament that is, quite frankly, extraordinary for someone who has been working as a full time teacher.

Not just through his intuition and experience, but also as a result of an unwavering determination to improve himself, Mark has become a key critical friend in my own development in education. Always enthusiastic, Mark is also willing to criticise and to offer a supportive alternative view. He’s both a useful touchstone and always an inspiration.Christopher Waugh, Head of Department for English and Drama, The London Nautical School

Mark is encyclopaedic in his knowledge of contemporary tools and technologies, but more importantly than that he understands the application of that knowledge to the solution of real-world teaching problems. I have no hesitation in recommending him.Mark Allen, EdInTheClouds
Mark is an amazing source of inspiration for using technology in lessons in ways that inspire and engage both staff and students. He has outstanding knowledge of how to adapt lessons to suit new technologies, and keeps pedagogy at the heart of his work across the curriculum.Sarah Bedwell, Lead learner for new technologies, Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School, Lancashire
Mark was our keynote speaker and he was great. Since then I have been privileged enough to be able to call upon Mark’s incredible ICT expertise, knowledge & skills. As an excellent & patient communicator Mark has helped not only my practice but that of others in my team and the school within which I work through sharing his ideas, thoughts and building up our confidences. Using ICT in more practical & interesting ways has helped us as a team of teachers to be more open to the range of new sites and apps out there to keep our learners learning, doing & enjoying deeper MFL learning experiences.Crista Hazell, Head of MFL, Severn Vale School, Gloucester
Although nationally recognised for his work promoting digital learning, Mark is also highly respected, inspirational and above all considerate educator. It has been my pleasure to work with Mark on a number of occasions and the professionalism and personalisation he brings to workshops, talks and training sessions makes him stand out amongst his peers. It is rare to find someone who is so generous with his time, his ideas and his resources.Gideon Williams, Head of eLearning, British School in the Netherlands
Mark’s work is imaginative, supportive and inspiring, helping teachers and leaders to build their confidence to share their practice.

His innovation of Digital Leaders, a huge success in my school, embodies what he stands for: powerful, manageable ways for students and teachers to use technology for learning.

He is that unique tech expert who thinks of Teachmeets rather than servers when he hears the word “network”, a unique school leader whose excitement about tech was led from successful innovation in his own classroom, and a unique teacher who in his enthusiasm for new tech, never lost his focus on how effectively his students were learning.Jude Enright, Deputy Headteacher, West London

I’ve known Mark for several years now and have had the pleasure of working alongside him a few times. To me, Mark is the go to person with regards Technology for Learning. Not only is he an expert in the field but he never forgets the importance of how technology is there to promote and enhance teaching and learning rather than replace or be a distraction to it. A genuinely decent bloke as well.Tait Coles, Vice Principal, Dixons City Academy, Bradford
Mark is a trusted source for all things related to ICT, social media and technology. Whenever I ask for help and advice, Mark always comes up trumps! He is a recognised for organising and leading one of the most successful TeachMeets in the country; a recognised author in his field, one with a persuasive reputation for good teaching, public speaking and teacher-training.Ross Morrison-McGill, Deputy Headteacher, Quintin Kynaston
Mark has a very kind and gentle manner about him, which combined with his evident skill set, makes him an ideal trainer, mentor and leader. He continues to help me and inspire me in my own development. I have enjoyed working with him and am still impressed by his knowledge and skills, but above all by the way he applies and presents these skills to all those he works with.Rory Gallagher, Deputy ITEC, Thomas Hardye School, Dorset
Mark has been pivotal in supporting me in starting out with technology but more importantly giving me the confidence in myself to be a true leader. Without his support and guidance I would not be in the great position I am now.Mat Pullen, Apple Distinguished Educator, Aspire2Be
First and foremost Mark is an excellent teacher which is the most important factor when using a consultant to help with tech integration in your classroom or school. His understanding that pedagogy, curriculum and tech together can lead to teaching and learning transformation is key! Mark is a true leader in this field and as Director of Aspire 2Be, an ex Headteacher of a 1:1 school and an ex Government Digital Advisor to schools as well as Ministers, I can highly recommend Mark and his work.Simon Pridham, Director at Aspire2Be

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