Chromebook conference and ninja skills

More and more schools are embracing Chromebooks in the classroom as their 1:1 device. I am still convinced that having access to a touch device for learning is still the best type of device for learning however when it comes to Chromebooks and the Google Apps for Education ecosystem in particular – it’s a very compelling argument. It’s certainly Google’s trojan horse to impact upon Apple’s dominance with the excellent iPad.

I spent an awesome day yesterday at the outstanding Streetly Academy near Birmingham. The aptly titled ‘Chromebook Conference’ looked at how learning could be enhanced by using Chromebooks in the classroom.

My keynote focused upon looking at learners and how we can help students to achieve not only their learning potential but their dreams.

I was really pleased with the feedback, both by social channels and face to face.

Following my keynote we broke to different workshops of which I ran three. One of them I did twice due to demand ‘Being a Ninja Chrome user’ and ‘Google Forms using AFL’.

The Ninja Chrome session was great fun and we learned lots. I wasn’t able to sort a quick change in to a ninja outfit so I kicked the session off with a bit of ‘Jaguar Skills’ which gave us some great music to kick off the session:

And then we looked at different ways to build our skills at using Google’s Chrome browser.

We examined:

  • Shortcut keys to improve marginal gains to become efficient users of Chrome
  • Accessibility features
  • Hacking websites for learning activities using the ‘Inspect Element’ option
  • Extensions to make our lives easier
  • Google Hangouts on Air and other screencasting methods
  • Taking screenshots using Chrome

The simple shortcuts which can actually be lifesavers proved popular:

…and I was blown away with some of the most amazingly creative ideas from teachers which were practiced, created and shared on website hacks for learning via the ‘inspect element’ option in Chrome..

The day finished off with a presentation from Marc Sanz Lopez from Google talking about 10X, Google in education and more. He shared some great thoughts and ideas in his session which again, resonated well and was a great way to finish off a brilliant day.

My thanks to Andy Caffrey and Billy Downie for inviting me to be involved in their brilliant day.

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  1. Are there any more chrome book conferences coming up soon? Online? Podcasts, locations in US? 🙂 thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Mandy
      Not that I know of, but I find Twitter to be invaluable in terms of my learning. Hashtags such as #chromebookedu are very helpful.
      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. If you’d like me to fly over – get in touch!
      Very best wishes,

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